Recognizing the Gap

At Impact51 we excel at securing successful investments by recognizing patterns of weakness and “gaps.” Recognizing these gaps and implenting a solid strategy to strengthen your business model is critical—and what we do best.

Some Facts to Consider:

  • Investments take more time and financial resources than expected.

  • Companies do not fail because of bad business ideas, they fail because of lack of adequate financial support when execution takes longer.

  • Management teams with a lack of experience is a key factor which negatively influences both the execution speed and the relationship with investors.

The Truth About Execution/ Financing:

  • There is a correlation between financing and execution. Due to lack of execution, financing begins to dry up.

  • Family, friends and business angels are the first resource of startups, based on established personal relations.

  • VCs and early investors are carefully assessing experience and execution skills.

Without the required execution experience, failure rates increase exponentially. Saving cost and hiring low cost labor does not pay off and does not attract further investments. Inadequate resources and skills expand timelines and put investments at risk.

Closing the Gap