Closing the Gap

At Impact51 we excel at securing successful investments by recognizing patterns of weakness and “gaps.” Recognizing these gaps and implementing a solid strategy to strengthen your business model is critical—and what we do best.

  • Board Governance, Mentoring, and Coaching
    Are you looking for experienced board members to develop your company?
    Do you appreciate being coached for important aspects of your business?

    For our investments, IMPACT51 strives to become engaged actively as mentors, coaches and on your board. That’s what we call SMART INVESTMENT. We challenge you and help you to make tactical decisions, finetune strategic directions and accelerate growth.

  • Interim Management
    Do you need an operational manager to fill a gap in your management team?

    Our experienced partners at IMPACT51 can temporarily act as Co-CEO, COO, CFO, SDO, CMO or, as business development executives. We also engage temporarily in operational tasks such as: sales support, partner management, sales plan implementation, product development and opportunity/product pipeline management.

  • Investor Services
    Are you an investor seeking attractive financial engagements into promising technology start-ups?

    IMPACT51 partners are active members of local startup communities and get early access to a variety of exciting entrepreneurs. IMPACT51 uses a proven assessment methodology. We will give you access to pre-qualified deals. The investments will be managed from start to exit. Usually, we try engaging teams early and as lead investors, so that we can have board representation and engage operationally if required. A quarterly report by the deal owner will keep investors informed about important developments in existing investments.

  • Sales Acceleration
    Are you looking for a partner to develop your scalable growth strategy?
    Do you want to reach the next level of growth?

    IMPACT51 works with you to finetune your Go-to-Market strategy and branding and can support you in all areas of business development and execution. We support you by building trusted customer engagement, key account management, sales incentive planning and partnering strategies.

  • Next Stage Value Creation
    Do you want to bring your business plan to the next level?
    Are you preparing your next financing round or planning for an exit?

    IMPACT51 experts evaluate your business plan, review your business models, and propose actionable measures for improvement. We help you to prepare your offering (pitch) according to investor requirements. IMPACT51 can provide a network of investors to help close your next financing round. Or help you to you with planning and executing any variety of exit strategies including M&A.

  • Technology Services
    Do you need specific IT and SW development resources and you want to scale-up your team with flexible staffing?

    Through our business partners coming from Eastern Europe and India,we provide you with the right resources for short-term projects or long-term engagements, keeping your organization agile. Services are offered on-site or near-shore.

    Do you want to increase the productivity of your SW development process and improve your technical scalability?

    IMPACT51 offers technical assessments ranging from SW development to IT architecture covering all aspects (technical, organizational, process, resources). We have a deep understanding and experience in launching technology-based operations and in building and managing the business complexities as a company grows.